Is Your Engine Malfunctioning?

3 Signs That Your Engine Has an Immediate Problem

Without an engine in your car, you won’t be going anywhere. The same is true if your motor has a serious problem! That’s why it’s vital to recognize the symptoms of engine trouble so that you can pursue repairs quickly. Engine repair might be costly depending on the specific situation, but it will only escalate if you ignore issues. Here are the main symptoms to watch out for!

Loss of Power

As your vehicle grows older, the engine will steadily lose power. This can occur over several years, so you may not even realize it is happening. While it is easy to assume it is normal, you do not want to ignore it. A low-functioning engine means there is likely a major component failure, and you need to get that part replaced promptly. We can help your car perform its best regardless of age!

Loud Sounds

You need to immediately take your car to a mechanic in Arlington, Virginia if you hear any loud banging noises coming from the car’s engine. Most of the time, these noises come from the engine’s bottom as a result of the high-intensity movement of the pistons. However, the pistons should not usually cause these sounds. You need to get your car repairs quickly before more damage occurs to the unit.


Several different kinds of smoke might come out of your engine. Most people will notice white or black smoke coming out of the tailpipe or from under the hood. Some drivers may eventually find blue smoke coming from the engine. This is often a symptom of excessively burning engine oil. Routine wear and tear can cause engine oil to leak out and form into smoke. Seeing any smoke is a good reason to contact a professional.

Engine problems are one thing you can’t ignore. Bring your car to C & P Auto Service right away if you think your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it should. Otherwise, you might end up needing a complete engine rebuild! Contact us today to get a diagnosis and estimate for your engine repairs, and chances are it will be better than paying for an all-out rebuild. In addition to comprehensive repairs, we also offer free shuttle service, certified technicians, and quality workmanship. We look forward to serving you!

Written by C&P Auto Service

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